Rydia Cosplay WIP

I have such a long list of characters that I want to cosplay and it is always hard for me to come to a conclusion on which one I want to bring to life, so I came up with a  method to help me make my decision easier. One of the things I hate doing is choosing a character and getting so stressed because  I can’t find the perfect fabric or the things I need  so since I already have a large stock of fabrics and supplies  to work with, I use that as a guide to which character I will choose.
One of the characters I have been wanting to do for a long time is Rydia from Final Fantasy. I always loved seeing other’s different interpretations of her and have long been inspired to do my own. When digging through my stash of fabrics, all kind of ideas starting coming to mind. I happened to come across an old green prom dress that I had bought from the $2 goodwill and although it isn’t quite the green I wish it was, I decided to use it anyway. Since I am an artist for a living and don’t have a lot of spare money, I tend  to always improvise and use what I have on hand.

So far all I have completed are the corset and the belt. All the stars are individually cut out, painted, and then I added gold beads, and gold wire trim around the ends, then attached to the top. I then made all the smaller stars and adorned them with jewels. I still have a lot more beading that I plan to add to it.  I still have quite some time until my next convention so I will just work on it as I have spare time available. I wanted to get a head start on my  A-kon/Mechacon costumes.. I have learned over the years that waiting until the last minute is too stressful on me so I am doing my best   to avoid that. More pics of progress coming soon.

You can follow my updates on my  cosplay page


Sakizou Costumes

OK…so it’s been a really long time since I have updated anything on this blog….so now that I am finally back in costume mode, I figured it was a good time to update and attempt to keep it updated. I have several new costumes  (from Ren Fest, Steampunk festival, Zombie Walk) however  I will save that for a future post and focus what I am currently working on.

After going repeatedly through  my hundreds of characters that I want to cosplay, I began to narrow them down. I have this problem of  not being able to make a final decision which sometimes frustrates me to the point of pushing things until the last minute. However, I know the stress all too well of working several weeks before a con and having to finish pieces in the hotel room.  So  this year I am not going to let that happen. I am starting now.

So how did I finally settle on these costumes?  Well one thing I will admit is that I HATE the frustration of picking out a character and then going shopping for fabric only to realize that they don’t have what I need. The color isn’t right, or its not the right type of fabric that I had in mind.  This always seems to happen with my costumes that I choose. So, I realized since I have so many characters that I want to do, why not choose one that I already have the materials for. I have more fabric than I know what to do with so it makes sense and it puts less stress on me and less trips to the fabric store (b/c I know they get tired of seeing me so much).

Also I thought it would be fun for these costumes to try to use only things that I have on hand and buy as little as possible. This way it forces me to think outside the box and use new creative methods. So far I am having a lot more fun with them. And I am not doing them exact but putting my own creative twist on things. I know a lot of cosplayers are particular about being exact but honestly  I hate being restricted and sometimes I feel the need to change things. I guess this is why lately i have been choosing characters from artworks rather than well known characters.   I feel I have more freedom with them.

Anyway I have been wanting to cosplay characters (too many of them) from the artist Sakizo so I finally settled on these. I actually have a few others that I want to work on (and probably will as I find the perfect fabrics) but in the meantime these are the ones I have started. You may very well see me bouncing back and forth through the year on different costumes. That is just how I am…..I get bored so I go from one to the other and then back…it all just depends on what I am in the mood for.

sakizo cosplay 3 sakizou 4 geisha

Ada Wong Wip

I wore Ada Wong briefly to A-kon 20, however I never got around to doing a photoshoot in this costume so I decided that I am going to fix it up  and wear it on Sunday at the con. I usually don’t dress up on Sundays, for comfort reasons, but I want to take this opportunity to get some decent pictures. Plus, unlike most of my other costumes, it is  relatively comfortable.

Their were a few things I was unhappy with about this costume, such as the butterflies and flowers which for some stupid reason I drew in pencil color. So obviously it faded from the dress and I am now repainting them with acrylic and textile medium. I contemplated embroidering the edges but decided against it due to lack of time. Perhaps I will do this when I have more time.  I would also like to remake the gun which was rushed last minute.

Ada Wong  Ada wong detail ada4 adashoes

Tira (Soul Calibur IV)

I created this costume last year for A-kon 23. I was having a bit of a Soul Calibur obsession at the time (even though I suck at it) however after playing for a while I knew Tira, the misguided angel of death, was a character I just had to cosplay. She is one of those characters I fell in love with almost instantly. It was mainly her split personalities which drew me to her character but also the design of her jester outfit which really caught my attention.  I loved the holes, the stitches, the multicolored hair, the bad ass claw like armor and all the skulls that adorned her outfit. Oh and her shoes!! I loved everything about this costume, and although the costume became pure hell for me (mainly the hat),  I believe it is THIS costume that taught me the most as well as one of my more successful pieces.

I am now inspired to make Tira’s other costume from Soul Calibur IV because I absolutely love her lopsided pigtails. I am also planning on making her costume from Soul Calibur V at some point but this will most likely be a future project.