Sakizou Mermaid

I love the artist Sakizou and she has far too many costumes that I wanted to choose from however when I came across this one  I had an instant vision on how I wanted to go about constructing this. I just love the colors plus I have been wanting to do a mermaid inspired costume for some time now.

sakizo cosplay

As I said in my earlier post, I am trying to buy as little as possible for this costume and use things I already have. I find it makes things not only challenging but opens my mind up to new methods and ideas. It forces myself to be more creative and resourceful. So far I lucked out and haven’t bought a thing.Also as stated, this costume is not going to be accurate to the picture. I am doing my own interpretation of it so there are  things that  may be slightly altered.

For the neck, arm  and belt piece, I found  some old brown faux leather that I had used for a past steampunk costume and painted it purple.  I hand painted all the trim gold as well. For the waist buckle thing (not sure what to call it) I simply used eva foam  covered in multiple layers of polyurethane (so that the paint would slide on nicely) and layered pieces to make it dimensional. I then added some lace which I cut out and painted gold. I then  found an old piece of  costume jewelry and added it to the center.  I used rub n buff (which is one of my favorite products to use) for the costume jewelry  b/c it was silver and then painted the center pink.

sakizou mermaid wipIMG_7176

My favorite part so far is the neckpiece. I was going to buy some fishing net to use however I got lucky and came across an old purple shirt that seemed perfect. I cut out the desired shape and then painted it gold (yes lots of painting going on in this costume). Then I just simply added some jewels on it and attached it to the choker.

IMG_7164 IMG_7158

wip costume

I am now starting to brainstorm the headpiece (I love headpieces by the way) which I have begun by putting brown beads  on numerous pieces of cut wire. As with the rest of the costume, I used gold rub n buff to change the color. This is all I have so far but hope to have some more progress very soon. As for now I must get back to my little world of dolls. For those of you who don’t know…I am also a doll maker. If you are interested feel free to check out my work here.


Sakizou Costumes

OK…so it’s been a really long time since I have updated anything on this blog….so now that I am finally back in costume mode, I figured it was a good time to update and attempt to keep it updated. I have several new costumes  (from Ren Fest, Steampunk festival, Zombie Walk) however  I will save that for a future post and focus what I am currently working on.

After going repeatedly through  my hundreds of characters that I want to cosplay, I began to narrow them down. I have this problem of  not being able to make a final decision which sometimes frustrates me to the point of pushing things until the last minute. However, I know the stress all too well of working several weeks before a con and having to finish pieces in the hotel room.  So  this year I am not going to let that happen. I am starting now.

So how did I finally settle on these costumes?  Well one thing I will admit is that I HATE the frustration of picking out a character and then going shopping for fabric only to realize that they don’t have what I need. The color isn’t right, or its not the right type of fabric that I had in mind.  This always seems to happen with my costumes that I choose. So, I realized since I have so many characters that I want to do, why not choose one that I already have the materials for. I have more fabric than I know what to do with so it makes sense and it puts less stress on me and less trips to the fabric store (b/c I know they get tired of seeing me so much).

Also I thought it would be fun for these costumes to try to use only things that I have on hand and buy as little as possible. This way it forces me to think outside the box and use new creative methods. So far I am having a lot more fun with them. And I am not doing them exact but putting my own creative twist on things. I know a lot of cosplayers are particular about being exact but honestly  I hate being restricted and sometimes I feel the need to change things. I guess this is why lately i have been choosing characters from artworks rather than well known characters.   I feel I have more freedom with them.

Anyway I have been wanting to cosplay characters (too many of them) from the artist Sakizo so I finally settled on these. I actually have a few others that I want to work on (and probably will as I find the perfect fabrics) but in the meantime these are the ones I have started. You may very well see me bouncing back and forth through the year on different costumes. That is just how I am…..I get bored so I go from one to the other and then back…it all just depends on what I am in the mood for.

sakizo cosplay 3 sakizou 4 geisha

Pirate Girl (Artwork by Shunya Yamashita

This year for A-kon 24, I chose two costumes based off the artworks of Shunya Yamashita. Here are a  few pics of  my pirate girl costume. (I still need to do a better photoshoot for this one so more pics will be coming soon).

Everything made by me with the exception of the stockings. I still need to get a plume for her hat because the one I got was the wrong color and not as full as I would have liked. I would also like to remake the sword since I am not very pleased with how it turned out.

Please visit my facebook page for more of my costumes and wip. 🙂

Pirate Girl

pirate0 pirate girl

pirate pirate girl


Sakizou Cosplay

I often work on several projects at a time, sometimes not knowing when I plan to wear some of these costumes. I started this one b/c I happen to come across some remnant fabric that was leftover from previous projects. I have been wanting to cosplay a character from the art of Sakizou for some time now but could never narrow it down (she has so many amazing designs). Yesterday I got the urge to sew a corset so I decided to start.on this one.

Obviously, I  am not being 100% faithful to the original design. I am trying to stick with the idea as much as possible however I wanted to give myself a challenge by not spending a whole lot of money and trying to work with things I have on hand, therefore many aspects of the costume are being modified. I had the perfect pattern chosen for her corset, however being the messy, unorganized person that I am, I seemed to have misplaced the bra  pieces,so I had to go to plan B. I decided to change up the design and  make it an under bust corset instead. I will purchase a nice strapless pushup bra for the top and add white stripes (to give it a nice 3d look) then add the ruffles and details. Although her corset  appears to be more grey, I decided to recreate it  in black satins and lace. I will add some buttons down the front like in the original design, as well as some ruffles in the back.  Also I am not quite sure what is going on with her shoes, so that I will be making up completely on my own.

Rose Cosplay   sakizou sakizou3

I also have some other of Sakizou’s costumes planned out and I will be working on them as I find suitable fabrics for them ) As I said before, I am a gemini (for those of you interested in astrology) and I change my mind a lot and I often find myself starting a lot of projects at one time but in the end it works out because when I get annoyed with one, I can move on to another. It also prevents me from getting bored. 🙂

These are a few that I hope to have completed: ( I have already started cutting out the pieces for “coffee”)

sakizou cosplay sakizo 3 copy 2 sakizou cosplay

MC Nozuato Cosplay

I don’t know why but I loved this unique character the moment I saw her. I think it had to be those silly propellers on the top of her head. I am not a fan of wars, fighting aircrafts or anything along those lines however the concept is pretty interesting. Also, due to time restraints I had to pick another costume that was pretty simple and I just happened to have the perfect orange wig, perfect green fabric, and the perfect boots.


The propellers I admit gave me a huge headache. Not that making them was hard but positioning them so that they would look right on my head was driving me crazy. However, after walking away for a bit, and taking a quick breather, I was able to come back with a clear head and everything worked out. I had some leftover worbla from my pirate costume armor that I am working on so I decided why not just use it for the propellers. The final result may have ended up a bit thick (although I don’t know because I know nothing about propellers) however I am assuming it gets the point across. And I do not feel like remaking them! Haha.  The spinner I actually made with some old plastic easter eggs for my base shape and to make it more sturdy I added the worbla. In the end I found the edge  to not be pointy enough so I decided to add some Premier air dry clay to it. For now I am waiting for that to dry so I can sand it.

propeller propellers propeller wip wip5


I happened to have an old bra lying around (unfortunately it is a bit tight and uncomfortable but will have to do ) so I covered it with some green and white fabrics. The little round pieces on the straps are hand sculpted with polymer clay , painted in acrylics and then glossed.

bra wip wip6



While the layers of gesso dry on the headpiece I am moving on to the stockings and the belt pouches.I am hoping I do not run out of time and have time to complete her weapon (since I am still working on the weapon for my pirate)  If not, I will have it done for the following con.

Ada Wong Wip

I wore Ada Wong briefly to A-kon 20, however I never got around to doing a photoshoot in this costume so I decided that I am going to fix it up  and wear it on Sunday at the con. I usually don’t dress up on Sundays, for comfort reasons, but I want to take this opportunity to get some decent pictures. Plus, unlike most of my other costumes, it is  relatively comfortable.

Their were a few things I was unhappy with about this costume, such as the butterflies and flowers which for some stupid reason I drew in pencil color. So obviously it faded from the dress and I am now repainting them with acrylic and textile medium. I contemplated embroidering the edges but decided against it due to lack of time. Perhaps I will do this when I have more time.  I would also like to remake the gun which was rushed last minute.

Ada Wong  Ada wong detail ada4 adashoes