Geisha Cosplay Artwork by Sakizou

Another costume  by one of my favorite artists, Sakizou.  I was really just drawn to this beautiful image the moment I saw it and I knew what I wanted to do to bring it to life. Luckily, I  happened to have some red fabric to make the dress and arm pieces  although I do wish the red had been a more deeper red like the picture. But again, like my mermaid costume, I was on a budget so working with the things I already had. I believe in the end I only bought the wig (which was a long straight wig that I styled myself), umbrella ,fan and the gold beads for the headpiece. Lucky for me, my mother has done crafts for about 30 years so  I have inherited a lot of her collection of fabrics, flowers, lace, etc. So I am pretty stocked up and sometimes I use this to determine which of the costumes I will choose.

Everything on the bow was hand painted, as well as all accents on the arm pieces.

This costume was also worn to A-kon 25 in Dallas, TX.

I hope to have better images soon of my costumes so for more updates on my work please check my Facebook cosplay page.


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