Sakizou Rose Cosplay

Sorry for all the quick posts… I am just trying to update my blog with my newest costumes. This is my 3rd one made for A-kon 25. It’s just a very simple little costume based off Rose from the artworks of Sakizou (yes, again!) During the con I definitely got tired of walking in my mermaid costume (the tail restricted my movements) and my Geisha (big heavy wig) so this was my backup comfortable costume that I changed into usually by the end of the night. Again, I created my own interpretation of the costume.

Everything was created by me. (with the exception of the stockings and lace arm pieces).

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Geisha Cosplay Artwork by Sakizou

Another costume  by one of my favorite artists, Sakizou.  I was really just drawn to this beautiful image the moment I saw it and I knew what I wanted to do to bring it to life. Luckily, I  happened to have some red fabric to make the dress and arm pieces  although I do wish the red had been a more deeper red like the picture. But again, like my mermaid costume, I was on a budget so working with the things I already had. I believe in the end I only bought the wig (which was a long straight wig that I styled myself), umbrella ,fan and the gold beads for the headpiece. Lucky for me, my mother has done crafts for about 30 years so  I have inherited a lot of her collection of fabrics, flowers, lace, etc. So I am pretty stocked up and sometimes I use this to determine which of the costumes I will choose.

Everything on the bow was hand painted, as well as all accents on the arm pieces.

This costume was also worn to A-kon 25 in Dallas, TX.

I hope to have better images soon of my costumes so for more updates on my work please check my Facebook cosplay page.

Artwork of Sakizou Mermaid Cosplay

Wow! I just realized how really bad I have been about keeping up this blog. I guess its time to update with some of my new costumes (all of them by the artworks of the wonderful artist Sakizou)

This one is my mermaid costume from the artworks of Sakizou, worn at A-kon 25 in Dallas, TX. I won “Most Creative Award” for the hall cosplay contest! Everything is made by me and created on a very low budget. My goal was to not spend much money and use only things I had already on hand, finding ways to improvise so that it was close to the original as possible. In the end, the only thing I bought was the wig, and the gold fabric for the bottom of the fin. I do admit I did stray away a bit from the original design particularly on the hair, the fins at the bottom, a slight change in the overall colors as well as a few minor details that were left out. However, I am not a cosplayer that believes in complete accuracy and I do not believe their is anything wrong with doing your own interpretation of a character.

Overall, the tail is made of about 200 scales, all hand cut and individually painted….it took such a long time and patience but so rewarding in the end.

I still need to get some better photos but in the meantime here are a few: