Sakizou Costumes

OK…so it’s been a really long time since I have updated anything on this blog….so now that I am finally back in costume mode, I figured it was a good time to update and attempt to keep it updated. I have several new costumes  (from Ren Fest, Steampunk festival, Zombie Walk) however  I will save that for a future post and focus what I am currently working on.

After going repeatedly through  my hundreds of characters that I want to cosplay, I began to narrow them down. I have this problem of  not being able to make a final decision which sometimes frustrates me to the point of pushing things until the last minute. However, I know the stress all too well of working several weeks before a con and having to finish pieces in the hotel room.  So  this year I am not going to let that happen. I am starting now.

So how did I finally settle on these costumes?  Well one thing I will admit is that I HATE the frustration of picking out a character and then going shopping for fabric only to realize that they don’t have what I need. The color isn’t right, or its not the right type of fabric that I had in mind.  This always seems to happen with my costumes that I choose. So, I realized since I have so many characters that I want to do, why not choose one that I already have the materials for. I have more fabric than I know what to do with so it makes sense and it puts less stress on me and less trips to the fabric store (b/c I know they get tired of seeing me so much).

Also I thought it would be fun for these costumes to try to use only things that I have on hand and buy as little as possible. This way it forces me to think outside the box and use new creative methods. So far I am having a lot more fun with them. And I am not doing them exact but putting my own creative twist on things. I know a lot of cosplayers are particular about being exact but honestly  I hate being restricted and sometimes I feel the need to change things. I guess this is why lately i have been choosing characters from artworks rather than well known characters.   I feel I have more freedom with them.

Anyway I have been wanting to cosplay characters (too many of them) from the artist Sakizo so I finally settled on these. I actually have a few others that I want to work on (and probably will as I find the perfect fabrics) but in the meantime these are the ones I have started. You may very well see me bouncing back and forth through the year on different costumes. That is just how I am…..I get bored so I go from one to the other and then back…it all just depends on what I am in the mood for.

sakizo cosplay 3 sakizou 4 geisha


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