MC Nozuato (Artworks by Shunya Yamashita)

My second cosplay for A-kon 24. Unfortunately I did not get around to making the weapon but I hopefully for the next time I wear it.


berlin5 MC Nozuato

MC stair mc01


Pirate Girl (Artwork by Shunya Yamashita

This year for A-kon 24, I chose two costumes based off the artworks of Shunya Yamashita. Here are a  few pics of  my pirate girl costume. (I still need to do a better photoshoot for this one so more pics will be coming soon).

Everything made by me with the exception of the stockings. I still need to get a plume for her hat because the one I got was the wrong color and not as full as I would have liked. I would also like to remake the sword since I am not very pleased with how it turned out.

Please visit my facebook page for more of my costumes and wip. 🙂

Pirate Girl

pirate0 pirate girl

pirate pirate girl