MC Nozuato Cosplay

I don’t know why but I loved this unique character the moment I saw her. I think it had to be those silly propellers on the top of her head. I am not a fan of wars, fighting aircrafts or anything along those lines however the concept is pretty interesting. Also, due to time restraints I had to pick another costume that was pretty simple and I just happened to have the perfect orange wig, perfect green fabric, and the perfect boots.


The propellers I admit gave me a huge headache. Not that making them was hard but positioning them so that they would look right on my head was driving me crazy. However, after walking away for a bit, and taking a quick breather, I was able to come back with a clear head and everything worked out. I had some leftover worbla from my pirate costume armor that I am working on so I decided why not just use it for the propellers. The final result may have ended up a bit thick (although I don’t know because I know nothing about propellers) however I am assuming it gets the point across. And I do not feel like remaking them! Haha.  The spinner I actually made with some old plastic easter eggs for my base shape and to make it more sturdy I added the worbla. In the end I found the edge  to not be pointy enough so I decided to add some Premier air dry clay to it. For now I am waiting for that to dry so I can sand it.

propeller propellers propeller wip wip5


I happened to have an old bra lying around (unfortunately it is a bit tight and uncomfortable but will have to do ) so I covered it with some green and white fabrics. The little round pieces on the straps are hand sculpted with polymer clay , painted in acrylics and then glossed.

bra wip wip6



While the layers of gesso dry on the headpiece I am moving on to the stockings and the belt pouches.I am hoping I do not run out of time and have time to complete her weapon (since I am still working on the weapon for my pirate)  If not, I will have it done for the following con.


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