Ada Wong Wip

I wore Ada Wong briefly to A-kon 20, however I never got around to doing a photoshoot in this costume so I decided that I am going to fix it up  and wear it on Sunday at the con. I usually don’t dress up on Sundays, for comfort reasons, but I want to take this opportunity to get some decent pictures. Plus, unlike most of my other costumes, it is  relatively comfortable.

Their were a few things I was unhappy with about this costume, such as the butterflies and flowers which for some stupid reason I drew in pencil color. So obviously it faded from the dress and I am now repainting them with acrylic and textile medium. I contemplated embroidering the edges but decided against it due to lack of time. Perhaps I will do this when I have more time.  I would also like to remake the gun which was rushed last minute.

Ada Wong  Ada wong detail ada4 adashoes


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