Pirate Girl Boots WIP

I am not quite finished the boots/boot covers however I had to share the progress because I am really happy with them so far. Currently in this photo, they are pinned up the back however I will soon be adding brass grommets so that they corset up the back. I originally was going to do a zipper, then decided on buttons, but  after ordering a bulk of grommets for my corset and belt,  I decided that this method would look the nicest….at least I hope so. I also need to add brass metal studs to the strip that is wrapped around my thigh.

I am working on a budget here so this was the closest shoe I had to use for this costume. My mom was throwing them out a while back so I figured they would eventually work for something. I think they match the shape of the original pretty nicely.

IMG_6333 pirate shoes

Sorry for the bad picture but just wanted to show what the boot covers look like before I put them over the smaller boot.  The straps will button under the shoe.




And this is me in action, struggling with these damn boots. Haha

me trying on boots




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