Tira (Soul Calibur IV)

I created this costume last year for A-kon 23. I was having a bit of a Soul Calibur obsession at the time (even though I suck at it) however after playing for a while I knew Tira, the misguided angel of death, was a character I just had to cosplay. She is one of those characters I fell in love with almost instantly. It was mainly her split personalities which drew me to her character but also the design of her jester outfit which really caught my attention.  I loved the holes, the stitches, the multicolored hair, the bad ass claw like armor and all the skulls that adorned her outfit. Oh and her shoes!! I loved everything about this costume, and although the costume became pure hell for me (mainly the hat),  I believe it is THIS costume that taught me the most as well as one of my more successful pieces.

I am now inspired to make Tira’s other costume from Soul Calibur IV because I absolutely love her lopsided pigtails. I am also planning on making her costume from Soul Calibur V at some point but this will most likely be a future project.










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