I am horrible with introductions but here goes………

Hello! My name is Kelly and I have been cosplaying for about 7 years. Today I decided it was finally time to make a blog to begin documenting  my works as a cosplayer, as well as keep myself motivated with my costumes. I am also hoping to meet other cosplayers, share tips/techniques as well as learn  from others.

I can’t quite remember exactly how I got into anime/video games but  I do know I have ALWAYS loved cartoons and dressing up. As a child I would watch “The Last Unicorn”, “Sea Prince and the Fire child”  and “Unico” obsessively. I could quote every line, every song. I loved halloween and dressing up and the fact that I could become someone else for a day. I still have a photograph of myself in a unicorn costume that my mom made for me and my sister. She would make us new costumes  each year which we would wear often and put on skits in our garage. I guess that is where my true love for costumes really began.

But it wasn’t until 2006, I began really getting into anime and was introduced to my first con, Mechacon.  I dressed as Kaname Chidori from Full Metal panic and my sister was a character from Inuyasha. It was a very simple costume and everything was pretty much store bought and altered. Both our wigs were horrible, and it was obvious we were both new to the cosplay scene. Haha. Either way, I enjoyed it  and  became quite obsessed with costumes and made it a goal to have my mom teach me to sew.

Since then I have created numerous costumes for various cons, as well as my own clothing. It is always a learning process and every costume teaches me something new. Sometimes the process is a struggle and I find myself at the point of tears and wanting to rip out my hair however in the end, it is always rewarding to wear what I have worked so hard to create.

If you are interested in my  costumes or even in following my works in progress feel free to stop by my facebook cosplay page.


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