Sakizou Cosplay

I often work on several projects at a time, sometimes not knowing when I plan to wear some of these costumes. I started this one b/c I happen to come across some remnant fabric that was leftover from previous projects. I have been wanting to cosplay a character from the art of Sakizou for some time now but could never narrow it down (she has so many amazing designs). Yesterday I got the urge to sew a corset so I decided to start.on this one.

Obviously, I  am not being 100% faithful to the original design. I am trying to stick with the idea as much as possible however I wanted to give myself a challenge by not spending a whole lot of money and trying to work with things I have on hand, therefore many aspects of the costume are being modified. I had the perfect pattern chosen for her corset, however being the messy, unorganized person that I am, I seemed to have misplaced the bra  pieces,so I had to go to plan B. I decided to change up the design and  make it an under bust corset instead. I will purchase a nice strapless pushup bra for the top and add white stripes (to give it a nice 3d look) then add the ruffles and details. Although her corset  appears to be more grey, I decided to recreate it  in black satins and lace. I will add some buttons down the front like in the original design, as well as some ruffles in the back.  Also I am not quite sure what is going on with her shoes, so that I will be making up completely on my own.

Rose Cosplay   sakizou sakizou3

I also have some other of Sakizou’s costumes planned out and I will be working on them as I find suitable fabrics for them ) As I said before, I am a gemini (for those of you interested in astrology) and I change my mind a lot and I often find myself starting a lot of projects at one time but in the end it works out because when I get annoyed with one, I can move on to another. It also prevents me from getting bored. 🙂

These are a few that I hope to have completed: ( I have already started cutting out the pieces for “coffee”)

sakizou cosplay sakizo 3 copy 2 sakizou cosplay


MC Nozuato Cosplay

I don’t know why but I loved this unique character the moment I saw her. I think it had to be those silly propellers on the top of her head. I am not a fan of wars, fighting aircrafts or anything along those lines however the concept is pretty interesting. Also, due to time restraints I had to pick another costume that was pretty simple and I just happened to have the perfect orange wig, perfect green fabric, and the perfect boots.


The propellers I admit gave me a huge headache. Not that making them was hard but positioning them so that they would look right on my head was driving me crazy. However, after walking away for a bit, and taking a quick breather, I was able to come back with a clear head and everything worked out. I had some leftover worbla from my pirate costume armor that I am working on so I decided why not just use it for the propellers. The final result may have ended up a bit thick (although I don’t know because I know nothing about propellers) however I am assuming it gets the point across. And I do not feel like remaking them! Haha.  The spinner I actually made with some old plastic easter eggs for my base shape and to make it more sturdy I added the worbla. In the end I found the edge  to not be pointy enough so I decided to add some Premier air dry clay to it. For now I am waiting for that to dry so I can sand it.

propeller propellers propeller wip wip5


I happened to have an old bra lying around (unfortunately it is a bit tight and uncomfortable but will have to do ) so I covered it with some green and white fabrics. The little round pieces on the straps are hand sculpted with polymer clay , painted in acrylics and then glossed.

bra wip wip6



While the layers of gesso dry on the headpiece I am moving on to the stockings and the belt pouches.I am hoping I do not run out of time and have time to complete her weapon (since I am still working on the weapon for my pirate)  If not, I will have it done for the following con.

Ada Wong Wip

I wore Ada Wong briefly to A-kon 20, however I never got around to doing a photoshoot in this costume so I decided that I am going to fix it up  and wear it on Sunday at the con. I usually don’t dress up on Sundays, for comfort reasons, but I want to take this opportunity to get some decent pictures. Plus, unlike most of my other costumes, it is  relatively comfortable.

Their were a few things I was unhappy with about this costume, such as the butterflies and flowers which for some stupid reason I drew in pencil color. So obviously it faded from the dress and I am now repainting them with acrylic and textile medium. I contemplated embroidering the edges but decided against it due to lack of time. Perhaps I will do this when I have more time.  I would also like to remake the gun which was rushed last minute.

Ada Wong  Ada wong detail ada4 adashoes

Pirate Girl Boots WIP

I am not quite finished the boots/boot covers however I had to share the progress because I am really happy with them so far. Currently in this photo, they are pinned up the back however I will soon be adding brass grommets so that they corset up the back. I originally was going to do a zipper, then decided on buttons, but  after ordering a bulk of grommets for my corset and belt,  I decided that this method would look the nicest….at least I hope so. I also need to add brass metal studs to the strip that is wrapped around my thigh.

I am working on a budget here so this was the closest shoe I had to use for this costume. My mom was throwing them out a while back so I figured they would eventually work for something. I think they match the shape of the original pretty nicely.

IMG_6333 pirate shoes

Sorry for the bad picture but just wanted to show what the boot covers look like before I put them over the smaller boot.  The straps will button under the shoe.




And this is me in action, struggling with these damn boots. Haha

me trying on boots



Pirate Girl Wip

A-kon 24 is less than  3 weeks away and for the first time EVER I am not behind on my costume. I am so used to working until late  night before the con, and in some cases, in the hotel AT the con. Yes, I admit I am a last minute person and although sometimes I find myself working better under the pressure,  I have learned from last years stress that it  just isn’t worth it. I also picked a much easier costume this time due to time constraints and lack of money.

The pirate girl costume I am working on is by an artist named Shunya Yamashita. You will hear me mention him a lot because I LOVE his art. I have already cosplayed several of his characters and have several more planned for future cons. His work is amazing and I recommend checking him out if you haven’t heard of him.

Pirate Girl

First thing I made on this costume was the corset. I used a black and white dull satin, and the corset is completely lined, interfaced and boned. I still need to add the pink bow on the front as well as the lace on the top and add the brass grommets on the back. For the jacket I used a gabardine and although I did use a bolero pattern I had to modify it by adding the collar as well as changing the sleeves so that they were more full. I absolutely HATE sewing in sleeves and the fact that I had to enlarge them made it much more annoying.  I also made all the binding as well. The hat I am still a bit unhappy with but it is going to have to do. I don’t feel like losing my sanity by making another. I still need to add the ostrich plume (which needs to be dyed).

pirate cosplay pirate

The armor is made of worbla, similar to wonderflex but seems to work better on curved surfaces, in my opinion. The worbla was shaped over a pair of bra cups that I cut up and bent to the correct shape. I am still in the process of doing layers of gesso before I can sand and paint it.

IMG_6323 IMG_6324


I admit I was a bit worried about making the boots for this costume due to their different lengths. At first I was going to just buy a pair of brown boots however I lucked out when I found the perfect  piece of leftover leather at the fabric store. Unfortunately their was exactly a yard left so I knew their was no room for error when making them. They are still a work in progress but so far I am happy with how they are turning out.


Tira (Soul Calibur IV)

I created this costume last year for A-kon 23. I was having a bit of a Soul Calibur obsession at the time (even though I suck at it) however after playing for a while I knew Tira, the misguided angel of death, was a character I just had to cosplay. She is one of those characters I fell in love with almost instantly. It was mainly her split personalities which drew me to her character but also the design of her jester outfit which really caught my attention.  I loved the holes, the stitches, the multicolored hair, the bad ass claw like armor and all the skulls that adorned her outfit. Oh and her shoes!! I loved everything about this costume, and although the costume became pure hell for me (mainly the hat),  I believe it is THIS costume that taught me the most as well as one of my more successful pieces.

I am now inspired to make Tira’s other costume from Soul Calibur IV because I absolutely love her lopsided pigtails. I am also planning on making her costume from Soul Calibur V at some point but this will most likely be a future project.










I am horrible with introductions but here goes………

Hello! My name is Kelly and I have been cosplaying for about 7 years. Today I decided it was finally time to make a blog to begin documenting  my works as a cosplayer, as well as keep myself motivated with my costumes. I am also hoping to meet other cosplayers, share tips/techniques as well as learn  from others.

I can’t quite remember exactly how I got into anime/video games but  I do know I have ALWAYS loved cartoons and dressing up. As a child I would watch “The Last Unicorn”, “Sea Prince and the Fire child”  and “Unico” obsessively. I could quote every line, every song. I loved halloween and dressing up and the fact that I could become someone else for a day. I still have a photograph of myself in a unicorn costume that my mom made for me and my sister. She would make us new costumes  each year which we would wear often and put on skits in our garage. I guess that is where my true love for costumes really began.

But it wasn’t until 2006, I began really getting into anime and was introduced to my first con, Mechacon.  I dressed as Kaname Chidori from Full Metal panic and my sister was a character from Inuyasha. It was a very simple costume and everything was pretty much store bought and altered. Both our wigs were horrible, and it was obvious we were both new to the cosplay scene. Haha. Either way, I enjoyed it  and  became quite obsessed with costumes and made it a goal to have my mom teach me to sew.

Since then I have created numerous costumes for various cons, as well as my own clothing. It is always a learning process and every costume teaches me something new. Sometimes the process is a struggle and I find myself at the point of tears and wanting to rip out my hair however in the end, it is always rewarding to wear what I have worked so hard to create.

If you are interested in my  costumes or even in following my works in progress feel free to stop by my facebook cosplay page.